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Assembly Instructions and code
« on: October 05, 2016, 04:21:34 PM »
Freenove Three-wheeled Smart Car Kit for Arduino 

See it in action here...

Kit by DuinoKit includes rechargeable batteries and chargers.

How to download
  Please click the green "Clone or download" button, then click "Download ZIP" button in the pop-up window to download the zip file that contains all these files. Clicking the "Open in Desktop" button will lead you to install Github software instead of downloading these files.
  If you have any difficulties, please send email to our support for help.

  The files for this product and their introduction are as follows:
    Libraries       Libraries for Arduino sketches
    Sketches        Sketches
    Readme.txt      Instructions
    Tutorial.pdf    Tutorial

  Freenove provides free and quick technical support, including but not limited to:
    Quality problems of products
    Problems in using products
    Questions for learning and technology
    Opinions and suggestions
    Ideas and thoughts

  Please send email to:
  On working day, we usually reply to you within 24 hours.

  Freenove reserves all rights to the files for this product. No copies or plagiarizations are allowed for the purpose of commercial use.
  The code and circuit involved in this product are released as Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 ( This means you can use them on your own derived works, in part or completely, as long as you also adopt the same license.
  Freenove brand and Freenove logo are copyright of Freenove Creative Technology Co., Ltd and cannot be used without formal permission.

  Freenove is an open-source electronics platform. Freenove is committed to helping customer quickly realize the creative idea and product prototypes, making it easy to get started for enthusiasts of programing and electronics and launching innovative open source products. Our services include:
    Electronic components and modules
    Learning kits for Arduino
    Learning kits for Raspberry Pi
    Learning kits for Technology
    Robot kits
    Auxiliary tools for creations

  Our code and circuit are open source. You can obtain the details and the latest information through visiting the following web sites:

  Your comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed, please send them to the following email address:

  This is a unique smart car kit based on open-source Arduino, which can be assembled by yourself. And it can work in three different modes:
Remote control mode: You can use the remote to control the moving of smart car.
Automatic driving mode: With aid of ultrasonic distance measuring module, the smart car can be driven automatically.
Exploration mode: You can control the smart car to avoid obstacles, through interacting with Processing.
  This kit contains all mechanical and electronic parts (including tools) required, and the circuit connection is simplified by dedicated expansion board. It is accompanied by a very detailed tutorial for assembly and use. Even if you have little understanding of programming and electronic, you can also complete the assembly and manipulate it easily.

Why Choose This Kit:

You can assemble and manipulate a very cool smart car, which is completely different from any other smart cars. Its structure is well-designed, and its appearance is avant-garde.
The tutorial uses the 3D model to specify the installation steps, and each step is described in detail.

The circuit connection in this kit is simplified by dedicated expansion board. So you do not have to worry about the complexity of wiring. Even if you have little knowledge of electronic circuit, you can complete the connection easily.

This kit is based on open source Arduino, and we provide complete code. So you can quickly make the smart car run by using the code. And you can complete your ideas through changing the code.
The tutorial contains the introduction and use of Arduino. Users with little understanding of the Arduino can also make the smart car work easily.
This smart car can work in three modes: remote control mode, automatic driving mode and exploration mode.
Through installing electronic modules provided, you can control the horn and light flashing of the car. Electronic modules of Freenove specifications are unified and can be installed in this smart car. So you can buy other electronic modules to achieve your creativity. Click to view all compatible modules.
This kit contains all the components needed to assemble the smart car and the remote control. They are packaged individually, and their names and pictures are attached on the package. So, even if you don't recognize these components, you can also find them easily.
We provide quick and free technical support. And we would like to solve any problems you encounter at any time, including the problems outside this kit. Please feel free to contact us.

You can get:
Detailed tutorial (PDF), sketches(code). SEE BELOW
All mechanical and electronic parts (including tools) that are required for assembling the smart car and remote control.
Quick and free technical support.
Package includes:
  2x   Freenove UNO
  1x   Freenove Smart Car Shield for Arduino UNO
  1x   Freenove Smart Car Remote Shield for Arduino UNO
  1x   Freenove Passive Buzzer Module
  1x   Freenove RGB LED Module
  2x   NRF24L01 Module
  1x   HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
  2x   18650x2 Battery Holder
  1x   USB Cable
  10x Jumper Wire M/M
  2x   Servo
  2x   DC Speed Reduction Motor
  2x   Driving Wheel
  1x   Driven Wheel
  1 set x Machinery Parts (18 kinds)
  1 set x Acrylic Sheet (16 pieces)
  1x   Cross Screwdriver
  1x   Slotted Screwdriver
  1x   Socket

Manual and code are in the attached .ZIP file below.

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