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Build and Hack Robot Series

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4 different robot kits for hacking, programming and tinkering.

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These fun robotics kits combine Programming, mechanical engineering, and AI logic in each robotic for learning and fun. These robotics kits are the easiest educational robot for helping Robot Enthusiasts, Python Engineers, Students, and Kids learn about robotics and programming with a fun, hands-on experience.

Each robot kit includes sensors for line following, object and color recognition using onboard camera and Open CV software, and self balancing functions. 

Robotics integrates all STEM Education fields and always make learning fun and meaningful. Our robots help kids get hands-on experience in robotics, programming, algorithms, mechanics, electronics, control systems, and computer science. Our durable robots are powered by a Raspberry Pi micro-computer and will keep you tinkering and playing for years. Our open-source technology allows you and hack and modify the hardware or software as you wish for your projects.

We are offering 4 different solutions to fit your needs.

Alter Dog
1)Our self-balancing quadruped that walks on four legs and self balances.

Alter Racing Car
2) High-speed race car using DC hobby motors to control drivetrain.

Alter Classic Car
3) A high precision car using 360-degree servos for drivetrain (slower, but better control and torque)

Alter All in One
4) 3-in-1 complete kit that can be built into either of the models and then rebuilt as the others.

Development Tutorial
All of the robots are using the Raspberry Pi microcomputer as the "brain" and include object tracking camera, line following optics, and programmable OLED display. Robots can be programmed remotely using VNC viewer on your device. All code is supplied and tutorials for coding and assembly are included. You will need to supply a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and two (2)18650 rechargeable batteries. These can be ordered for under $50 and shipped directly, however most international shipping has regulations that do not allow us to ship the batteries. Many people already have a Raspberry Pi so we made these kits to NOT include these items.


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Build and Hack Robot Series

Build and Hack Robot Series

4 different robot kits for hacking, programming and tinkering.