ATTiny85; DinoKit Tiny Development
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  1. Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson Member Murphy, NC

    Hello Folks, I bought in to get a prototype and begin Tinkering early. I have some Arduino experience but the ATTiny85 module is a little different. The module is plugged into the usb port only rarely, when the Arduino IDE prompts for it. 

    On my windows machine, the first thing to do is install the drivers. Download Digistump Unzip it to the Arduino Driver location, for example, C:Program Files (x86)Arduinodrivers. Install the driver by running the appropriate exe file, DPinst.exe for 32-bit or DPinst64.exe for 64-bit. The files on my machine are located: C:Program Files (x86)ArduinodriversDigistump Drivers.

    Plug the module in and ensure the driver is installed. When installed correctly the Device Manager should have an entry: libusb-win32 devices; Digispark Bootloader. The youtube here might be helpful:

    All the Best folks, Enjoy Every Day,
    Ron Johnson, 2018-01-28 16:08:43 -05:00
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