• $149.00 In-Stock

    DuinoKit Jr. is a complete prototyping kit based upon the Arduino microprocessor technology. Kit includes all necessary wires, parts and components along with print and online programs and building instructions.

  • $9.00 In Stock

    This module can be added to your Arduino project and will power down the Arduino either by pressing a button or through your code.  Expected shipping July 2022!

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  • $334.99 Limited Quantity Available

    Our largest All-In-One learning kit with non-consumable, self-contained Arduino based learning kits.  We are developing a online class and teacher guide to compliment this learning kit.  All components are reusable and securely soldered to a printed circuit board for easy plug-and-play connections and prototyping.

    Limited Quantity Available
  • $5.00 In Stock

    USB Cable

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  • $8.00 In Stock

    Arduino compatible NANO microprocessor as used in the DuinoKit Essentials and the DuinoKit Jr.   This version uses the FTDI chip on the programmer circuit and it a replacement to the NANO shipped with the DuinoKits.

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  • $9.99 In Stock

    20 Mission Booklet specifically designed for DuinoKit Jr.  This booklet is included with each DuinoKit Jr.

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  • $11.95 In Stock

    The USB drive will contain complete mission booklet and project code (sketches)

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  • $3.50 In Stock

    Typical 65pcs wire bundles used on all DuinoKits.  Various colors.

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  • $1,490.00 In Stock

    To keep your classroom, MakerSpace, or library well-stocked, this classroom pack includes: 10 complete DuinoKit Jrs.10 printed manuals.An online classroom module is available (Fall 2021)

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  • $10.00 In Stock

    Online learning course is included with the purchase of every DuinoKit learning system.  Learn about electronics and coding with our online classroom on TinkerCode.us.   A free course enrollment code is provided with the purchase of a DuinoKit.   Projects can be made on DuinoKits or as loose parts projects.

    In Stock

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