what is the list of Arduino simulator
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    It would no exaggeration if I mention that Arduino microcontroller development board is the most commonly and widely used development board among the students and hobbyists. There are a wide variety of applications in which we can employ the Arduino to serve the purpose. In addition to this a large number of sensors and actuators are available which can easily be interfaced with the Arduino development board. This wide availability of Arduino and its peripheral eases the embedded designers to develop the prototype of their product. But as we saw in the previous section that it is always beneficial that you simulate the system before its hardware development. So in order to serve this purpose a large number of Arduino simulators are available online. Here I am discussing only a few of them. It is important to mention here that I strongly recommend the Proteus as the standard software for simulating the Arduino microcontroller boards.
    Arduino simulator
    Jack ma, 2019-10-20 14:10:46 -04:00
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