VNC Viewer Stopped
 RPiKit - Raspberry Pi Learning kit   Started by Paul Koerber   2021-08-14 20:39:31 -04:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 879

  1. Paul Koerber
    Paul Koerber Member
    I hooked up the RPI Kit for the first time after finding it during unpacking from a recent move. After figuring out how to power it up (that could have been part of the instructions) the tablet took several minutes to boot up before presenting me with the unlock screen. (Reboots after that were much faster.)Selecting the Apps icon, on the old Android OS home screen, I touched the VNC Viewer icon. I then received the message VNC Viewer stopped. Repeated attempts got the same thing.How can I continue? Should I try connecting to my home network (in Settings) and update the VNC Viewer app?Paul Koerber
    Paul Koerber, 2021-08-14 20:39:31 -04:00
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