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DuinoKit Educator V3

DuinoKit Educator V3

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DuinoKit is the "Easy" way to build, learn electronics, and program with an *Arduino microprocessor.

  • Contains all parts necessary for numerous projects.
  • Easy to understand diagrams and part specifications.
  • Fun and easy to build projects.
  • (You will need your own Mac / PC / or Linux based computer for uploading the programs to the Arduino compatible processor.)

Online course tutorials will be offered on our Moodle Classroom server (  Course materials and component lessons are available to individuals and private classrooms with teacher access can be created for groups with lesson assessments.

Component List:  Arduino NANO compatible microprocessor, ADXL345 Acceleration Sensor, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, Auto-Off Module, IR Remote Controller, PS2 Joystick Module, Relay, Stepper Motor, ULN2003-based Stepper Motor Driver, DHT-11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor, LED Bar Graph Array, Active Buzzer, Passive Buzzer, Servo, Analog Temperature Sensor(Thermistor), Power Supply Module, 4*4 Matrix Keyboard, DC Motor, L9110 Motor Driver, LCD1602, 8x8 Dot-matrix LED Display, 8 digits 7-segment Display with Shift Register, 7-segment LED Display, Light Sensor(Photoresistor), Tilt Switch, Switches, RGB LED, Red LEDs, Green LED, Yellow LED, Blue LEDs, Resistors(220Ω), Resistors(1KΩ), Resistors(10KΩ), Potentiometers(10KΩ), Capacitors(104), Capacitors(10uF), Buttons, NPN Transistors(8050), PNP Transistors(8550), 1N4148 Diodes, 1N4001 Diodes, Battery Holder, Breadboard, USB Cable, Male to Male Jumper Wires, Male to Female Jumper Wires, Band Resistor Card, Rotary Encoder, oLed 64x128 module, IRF520 Mosfet transistor, TSOP4838 IR receiver module, 8 digits, 7 segment display module with MAX7221 driver, 8x8 LED array with MAX7221 driver, DS1307 Real Time Clock Module, 2N2222 Transistor, 2N2907 Transistor, 10 WS2812B LED Strip

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