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10 DuinoKit Jr. - Classroom Pack

10 DuinoKit Jr. - Classroom Pack

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The DuinoKit Jr. hosts a variety of components and 20 "Missions" as learning cards to get started learning about electronics and programming.  Each mission contains an additional 3 sub-missions for extra fun and learning.  DuinoKit Jr. includes all parts, wires, and microprocessors ready to go.  Simply plug into your computer's USB port and start programming. Each DuinoKit Jr. will be shipped in the metal case and include an Arduino compatible microprocessor (Nano), connection wires, a USB cable for programming through your computer, and the Mission (learning) Cards.  Simply open the case, install the Arduino software on a computer(instructions included) and you are ready to start building with electronics and modern microprocessor technology.

This self-contained development kit contains a collection of components and modules to make building with electronics easy and fun.  The DuinoKit Jr. contains an Arduino compatible NANO microprocessor, wires, and instructions to get you started.  You will also have access to the DuinoKit "Show and Tell" forum for more lessons and information.  Arduino has a VAST amount of examples and information for FREE on the Internet.  With just a little looking online you can find examples and tutorials for nearly any component or application.

DuinoKit Jr. comes with an Ultrasonic Distance Module, Digital Temperature, and Humidity Sensor, RGB LED, Push Button Switches, Real-Time Clock, LED's, Buzzer, CDS Photo Cell, Potentiometer, Rotary Encoder, LCD Back-lit Display,  Infrared Transmitter and Decoder, Arduino compatible NANO Microprocessor, Jumper wires, USB cable to connect to computer, and USB drive containing Manual and software.

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